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Who Are We?

Welcome to!

About 13 years ago, Nathalie Roberts discovered the world of parrots and soon swore lifelong fidelity to these beautiful creatures. Today, she is one of those rare and ardent Parrot enthusiasts who took up the cause of taking care and protecting this wonderful avian species. It's difficult to believe that this lifelong relationship began as a mere accident, while on a visit to a friend. Since then, she has also become a formidable authority and renowned expert on the subject.

Nathalie has successfully raised and trained a motley group of Parrots over the years, organized over 210 seminars and 47 workshops in the US and outside, and authored over half a dozen books. Countless Parrot-owners from around the world have benefited enormously from her massive repertoire of practical tips and home-grown techniques of Parrot parenting, training and maintenance.

What We Aim To Accomplish?

Parrots are a common sight in many households around the world. What is not so common perhaps, is a good resource for advice and tips on training and taking care of them. strives to fill that vacuum. If you own a Parrot yourself, you must have asked yourself a hundred questions that inevitably come to your mind, from time to time on all aspects of keeping a Parrot at home - its diet, health, training and grooming. What if you had somebody to answer all your questions and doubts, when you needed it the most?

At, Nathalie Roberts unlocks her treasure chest of invaluable Parrot-training tricks and tips, and shares with you and the parrot-loving world the best-kept secrets of raising a well-behaved, healthy and happy Parrot that will make you a proud owner.