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Does your Parrot have what it takes to be the next big Pet Super Star sensation? Do you just love showing off your Parrot to all your friends and guests?

Getting access to our FREE online Seminars and Subscribing to our FREE Course on Trick Training Your Parrot will help you better understand your Parrot's body language and their individual traits. In the wild, Parrots live a certain way and communicate using the 'parrot language'. However, household Parrots don’t have that luxury and so need to interact with their owners on a daily basis. At home, Parrots need to see, hear, talk and do things similar to what their owners and other humans do, to feel complete, and a part of the household flock.

Can you train your Parrot like a Pro?

Trick training Parrots is no longer only for professional bird trainers. Mental exercises are just as important for your Parrot’s well-being as is physical exercise. Parrots need to have problems to solve and tasks to perform so that they can feel like they are truly a part of your household flock. The more that a Parrot learns, the faster they will learn. Trick training is both fun and ensures quality time with your parrot.

Teaching your Parrot to do tricks is a great way to help him overcome his fear of objects like vacuums, dogs, people and other loud scary things!

Let our Trick Training Course show you how to easily gain your Parrots confidence and his willingness to learn all kinds of tricks. Tricks that will both stimulate his mind and his body!

Parrots have excellent memories and can therefore remember just about any trick that you train them to do. Parrots really enjoy learning new things and will delight in spending time learning with you, and receiving your full attention. If a Training Session is taught with a lot of love, patience and constant praise, Parrots will always look forward to their training sessions and will respond rapidly to what you want them to learn to do.

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Do you tame your parrot before trick-training him?

Before you begin to teach your Parrot tricks, he must be tame! Your Parrot must trust you enough to be able to take food and treats from you right out of your hand. If you are afraid that your Parrot might bite you, then please refer back to our previous guide entitled: How To Stop Your Parrot From Biting You.

Next, decide on where you want your Parrot’s trick training to take place. Make sure that your Parrot’s trick training area will be in very quiet place that is totally free from distractions, such as, ringing phones, noisy kids or barking dogs, to affect your Parrot's attention. Another good idea when choosing your Parrot’s trick training area is to make sure that it is in an area away from other Parrots as well as your Parrot’s own cage. Less distraction means more attention!

Did you know which Parrot species are more capable of learning tricks?

Parrots That Can Perform Tricks

  • Conure
  • Macaw
  • Cockatoo
  • Parakeet
  • Lovebird
  • Budgies

Do you play with your Parrot before you begin the trick-training sessions?

Prior to trick training, try to take your Parrot into a 'special' room or area and play with him. Let your Parrot associate this new room or area with quality time with his owner, playtime fun and his favorite treats. This way, when you start the trick training, your Parrot will not be so apprehensive of the new area and will be relaxed and ready to learn tricks.

In our Trick Training Guide you will also learn the techniques to Clicker Training your Parrot!

Join our training experts on one of our FREE online seminars and learn how to trick train your parrot successfully.

Clicker Training your Parrot is great for targeting training! Target Training means teaching your Parrot to beak or touch with his beak, the end of a small stick or perch. Beaking the end of a stick is a very simple behavior, and it's something that parrots do naturally, so it's very easy to teach. Here's how it works:

1) Slowly move the end of the stick to within an inch or so of your Parrot's beak.
2) When your Parrot beaks the end of the stick, click.
3) Withdraw the stick and present your Parrot with a reward.

In clicker training, that sharp click is used to convey one very simple concept to your Parrot that what he just did when he heard the click sound, has earned him a treat.

Do you bore your Parrot by teaching him the same trick everyday?

After you have trained your Parrot to learn a new trick and you feel that he has mastered the idea, then move on to another trick. Don't bore your Parrot with endless repetition. Make lessons exciting and fun for your Parrot!

Think it’s impossible? Well why don’t you sign up for our FREE online Seminars and Trick Training Guide right now to see for yourself just how possible it really is to teach your Parrots tricks?!

Very soon, after reading our Trick Training for Parrots Guide, you and your Parrot will be able to confidently put on a show for your family and friends. Before long you will become the envy of all the Parrot Owners on your block!

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