How To Easily Stop Your Parrot from Biting

  • Have you ever been bitten by your Parrot?
  • Have you tried to figure out why you were bitten?
  • Are you now afraid of your Parrot biting you again?
  • Do you want to hold your Parrot with the confidence that he will never bite you again?

Why do Parrots bite?

Once you have been bit, it is hard to be comfortable around your Parrot. It takes an affirmative mindset and it is best to return with some understanding of the parrot's behavior.

As unbelievable as it may seem, it is actually quite easy to put a stop to parrot biting! It's as simple as just understanding your Parrot's behavior! Our easy to understand course will show you exactly how easy that is!

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What are the common reasons to a Parrot's biting?

Did you know that one of the most common reasons that your parrot will bite you is because you are trying to make the parrot do something that he does not want to do?

Have you ever been bitten by your parrot when you are trying to get him to step off your shoulder? Or perhaps, you want to spend time with your parrot and you reach into his cage to get him and he bites you?

Well firstly, parrots love high places and your shoulder is the perfect height for them so, no, your parrot is not going to want to leave your shoulder, and secondly, just because you want to spend time with your parrot right now, doesn't mean that your parrot will want that too.

Do you see how these common mistakes on our part can upset our parrots? By enrolling in our Course on Stopping Parrot Biting, you will be able to discover other common mistakes that people do that cause their parrots to bite them.

Some of the other common reasons that your Parrot will bite you are:

  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • Hormones
  • Molting
  • Territorial
  • Jealousy

Do you know the warning signs?

How many times have you noticed your Parrot pinning his eyes or fluffing out his feathers when you want him to do something? These are just some of those warning signs that your Parrot is telling you to back off!

The worst thing that you could ever do is to ignore those warning signs! What happens next is that your parrot will bite you and you will flinch and/or scream out in pain. Remember, Parrots enjoy comic antics! You have now taught your parrot that if he bites you, he will receive a show! You have just taught your parrot that he will be rewarded with your loud vocalizations whenever he bites you.

Our course will explain to you how to avoid giving your Parrot a 'free show', recognize the warning signs and distract your Parrot and prevent any biting!

Did you know that placing your parrot in a round cage is a surefire way of setting him up to be a nervous parrot? Nervous parrots like to bite to protect themselves! But why would a parrot be nervous if placed in a round cage? It's simple, in a round cage a parrot does not have a corner to which he can feel protected and secure. Many experts discourage owners from buying round cages as this disorientates the bird and makes them anxious. Your parrot will literally be 'going around in circles' in its own cage and this can make them quite irritable!

Our course: "Stop Parrot Biting" will explain to you other, easy and simple ways to enhance your parrot's life both in his own cage and in your home. Wouldn't it be nice to have a parrot that you are not afraid of biting you again?

You will no longer be nervous of your Parrot being around your family and friends. You will have learnt how to understand your Parrot's behavior and you will be able to trust your Parrot to behave and not to ever bite. Your Parrot, in turn, will have learnt to rely on you to understand him better and a loving bond will have been created between the two of you!

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