Training a Parrot

Is your Parrot a Screamer? Does he ignore you when you tell him 'No'? Do you feel that your Parrot is a bit too aggressive?

Our course entitled "Training Your Parrot" will teach you step-by-step instructions on how to overcome these obstacles and own a friendly and loving Parrot.

Although some screaming is normal for parrots, particularly at dawn and again at dusk, continuous screaming can make living with a parrot almost unbearable!

Does your Parrot scream non-stop?

Are you at your wits end? Have your neighbors too complained about the noise?

When your Parrot is screaming, do you ever just 'loose it' and scream back? Well, if you are doing this, you are only re-enforcing your parrot's bad behavior. Parrots love drama! When you scream 'Hush', instead of shutting up, your Parrot learns that if he screams, you will scream too and that becomes a wonderful, fun and loud game for the two of you to play together. Although, you are probably not thinking that it is a game at all!

Join our training experts on one of our FREE online seminars and learn how to train your parrot correctly.

Our Parrot Training course will show you how to effectively train your parrot so he no longer finds it a game to scream. Wouldn't that be lovely to your ears?

Did you know the most common reasons as to why a Parrot screams?

Some of the other common reasons that your Parrot will bite you are:

  • It isn't handled enough.
  • It is outside its cage all day.
  • The bird is bored.
  • Something is wrong.

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If your Parrot has become too noisy or disobedient or aggressive, our Parrot Training Course will teach you how to train it and stop it from screaming and biting.

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Signing up for the FREE Online Seminar and Parrot Training Course will help you learn the right methods to take to stop your parrot from screaming. You will also learn why the following actions should never be performed:

  • Cover the cage.
  • Put the bird back when it's bad.
  • Throw things at the bird/cage.
  • Yell at the bird.

Did you know that having a unruly parrot is like living with a disaster?

Owning a parrot can be quite an adventure! But having an unruly and untrained parrot can also be a disaster! Therefore it is very important to teach your parrot to obey your verbal commands. This establishes your household's pecking order and also sets the stage for a life time of happiness for you, your family and friends and your parrot.

Would you like to learn which verbal commands to teach your Parrot that will grab his attention and have him respond appropriately? Our Parrot Training Course will teach these amazing, yet simple, and effective commands!

One of the most well-known commands is the "UP" command. Teach the "Up" command whenever you want your parrot to step up onto your finger. As you say the command, gently press your finger against your parrots chest bone, this will cause your parrot to naturally step up onto your finger.

Would you like to learn what the other behavior training words are? Then sign up for our FREE Online Seminar and Parrot Training Course right now!

Do you enjoy spending time with your Parrot outside of his cage, say on his T-Perch or even your shoulder? Do you have a designated 'bird shirt' that you wear when interacting with your parrot because you are afraid of getting bird poop on your nice, clean and respectable shirt? Do you often have to cut playtime short because of 'accidents'?

Well what if you could potty train your Parrot? Would that increase your interactional playtime? How about your clothes? Just think: no more bird shirts!

Our Parrot Training Course describes the process to potty train your bird straight away! Avoid the Stress and the Mess! Sign up today!

Do you know what behaviors your parrot exhibits when he is getting ready to poop? Learning the particular signs of your parrot enables you to anticipate when he is about to go to the bathroom and to intervene for training. Our Parrot Training Course will guide you through these behaviours so you will know exactly when your Parrot needs to go potty. Talk about a pre-emptive strike!

Remember, parrots are very smart, and if taught correctly, will be able to learn a wide range of commands. You should always try to stick to a set schedule each day to work with your parrot. Parrots' function very well with schedules and will even come to look forward to their training time with you. Plus, if you practice on a regular basis, your Parrot will pick up the skill you are teaching much, much faster.

Parrots are flock creatures and they want to be a part of their flock all the time, and you are part of their flock! Our Parrot Training Course will explain exactly how to create your household flock so everybody and 'everybirdy' can experience a life together that is happy, loving and trusting!

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Let me assure you that this Training Course has some major things in store for you. Here's a peek:

  • Effectively handle your Parrot's biting habits
  • Understanding your Parrot's body language to save your fingers
  • Successfully potty train your Parrot so that he poops at the right place where you want it to
  • Control your Parrot's window-splitting screams
  • Tame your Parrot by setting proper rules and limitations
  • Improve your Parrot's health with balanced & proper nutritious diet